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    Hip Hop Congress
    The Hip Hop Congress is a non profit, international grassroots
    organization. Its mission is to evolve hip hop culture by
    inspiring social action and creativity within the community.

    We are starting our own chapter as a Duveneck partner! Invite
    all those who may be interested young and old.

    As soon as the weather warms we will be scheduling meetings.
    We will be choosing officers (looks GREAT on a resume, by
    the way), discussing our first events and setting them into
    motion, submitting required paperwork, filling out membership
    apps, and starting our volunteer log.

    Interested in participating? Questions?
    Post comments and questions on the Frank Duveneck Arts &
    Cultural Center Facebook Page by clicking here.
Dance Fitness Classes are cancelled through the
month of February. Check back in March for date
classes will resume.